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Congratulations To Terrane Hicks and The Royal Bloodline

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I am sure that many of our regular readers will remember my recent interview with career martial artist and shaman, Terrane Hicks, entitled,  The Path of Necronomicon Warriorship.  Well, I recently received news from the “Dark Lord” himself that The Royal Bloodline, a shamanic organization formed by Hicks, is now a recognized religious organization, having achieved 501(c) status.

The Royal Bloodline offers a great opportunity for those seeking to study occult science.

Brother Terrane Hicks has been a loyal member and pillar of the Necronomicon Empire for quite some time, as many members of the Ninzuwu online community maybe familiar with his person. I would personally like to congratulate the Dark Lord for the hard work and effort  he has put out to make the knowledge of the arcane faith available to others. We wish you all the best and prosperity to The Royal Bloodline!