Blow Flyy

We Both Dreamers by Blow Flyy Is Where It’s At!

Blow Flyy is that rare commodity of a hip-hop artist, who speaks from the heart while avoiding the extreme vulgarities often associated with rap music. Originally from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Blow Flyy is an exceptionally talented lyricist and poet. He uses the medium of rap to express whats on his mind and to deliver a social commentary that isn’t preachy or too redundant. The rapper has created a following for himself, due to his talent, a unique brand of an everyday dude trying to live life.

Blow Flyy is changing the rap game with sincerity.

We Both Dreamers is Blow Flyy’s latest offering and quite an inspirational track. The beat has a sort of etheric feel, which works well with the hook – “….float with me through the galaxy.” Blow Flyy’s flow on We Both Dreamers is intentionally memorizing, as he raps about building with that special lady. The “you are my starship” kind of hip-hop of song that’s not overly-braggadocious, We Both Dreamers gets five out of five stars! Hopefully, there is more in store.


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