Hand Not a Heart (song)

“Hand Not A Heart” Is Will Sid Smith’s Perfect Song For Playing Simon Says

Will Sid Smith is an amazing composer and one of the truly gifted minds of our present generation. Smith’s attraction to music began as a child. By the time he was fourteen, Smith had taken up a vested interest in a career as a singer/songwriter, performing at various clubs in the South East of England, mainly in Tunbridge Wells and London.

Composer Will Sid Smith is ahead of his time.

As a youthful composer, Smith appreciates music from present-day pop stars to classic rock and a variety of other musical forms. His latest single, Hand Not a Heart, under Will Sid Smith & Simon Says, demonstrates that this young man is an old soulster.

Hand Not a Heart is a soulful interplay between harp (the heart) and piano (hand) with some really groovy electronic overlays to turn this track into the door leading to another dimension. Aside from production, Smith offers the perfect vocal ad-lib that heightens the song’s wealthy acoustics to a large degree. Simon Says “masterpiece.”




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