Jamie Gazelle takes a stand against injjustices facing women in his new song Raped.

The subject of rape has been debated heavily in activist and political circles in recent years. This unfortunate and horrific crime against women is on the rise, especially in major cities across America, a topic covered in our recent article about cab driver rape victims. Well, I must take my hat off in salutations to singer/songwriter/ performer Jamie Gazelle for spreading awareness about this injustice against women in his latest single off the Drop Dead Angel album, entitled, Raped.

Jamie Gazelle takes a stand against injustices facing women in his new song- Raped.

Raped is a very deep track, one that I’ve listened to over and over again because of its controversial subject matter. Gazelle, along with a guest vocalist Bobby Storm, opens the door to a woman’s heart who has been touched in the wrong way. Musically, it’s a great track that has a steady groove, which allows Gazelle to paint the song’s theme in the listener’s mind  Lyrically, this is a melody that can take you for a ride, as Gazelle and Storm effectively bring their audience to a place of empathizing the woman’s pain from such a horrendous crime.

The second verse of Raped discusses another escalating world issue that not enough attention is given to and that’s the abduction and murder of children for the use of their organs, which are sold on the public market in some countries. Overall, Raped turns out to be an excellent medium for Jamie Gazelle and Bobby Storm to speak out against the injustices facing women and children. This is definitely something that needs to be heard!

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  1. jamie saul scott says:

    warning bad guys GOD is about to right all the wrongs you have done to the innocents last chance to repent and turn from your wicked ways towards trafficking raping and stealing whatever you think you can get way with. This includes all drug dealers pushers and lawyers on the wrong side for things are swinging open wide to swallow you very swiftly and deadly, COrona is balogna compared to what is coming on all those who hate law and order. God will never be mocked

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