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JJ McGuigan Shows Off His Musical Genius With The EP – Dissociative

Award-winning singer and songwriter JJ McGuigan has made a remarkable career for himself in the world of music. He was a finalist in the VH1 “Save The Music” Songwriting Contest and has appeared on numerous radio shows. McGuigan also takes pride in his work as a mental health advocate, which has successfully increased the awareness of many people regarding the subject. Currently based in his hometown of Wichita, the Kansas-bred McGuigan has completed an excellent EP, entitled, Dissociative.

JJ McGuigan Shows Off His Genius in the EP – Dissociative


Dissociative is a five-track EP that provides an enjoyable glimpse of McGuigan’s musical expertise. The project opens with the warm sound of a track called Home. It’s a beautiful song with a memorable hook. McGuigan also provides an excellent vocal. An alternative classic, Dissociative is laced with some real ear-catching moments and vibrant instrumentation that leaves McGuigan’s audience feeling refreshed.  Tracks like Forces and Desperate Eyes are intense and captivating in their introspective moods. The latter, Desperate Eyes steps up to the fore with some nice drumming and breaks that add a little enchantment to Dissociative’s overall sound.

In All Honesty and Letter highlight McGuigan’s skill as a guitarist. Both of the songs make extensive use of acoustic guitar and add to the album’s continuity. Alas, Dissociative  is McGuigan’s definition of perfection written in song and accurate enough for a music lover’s heart and mind.

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