Veteran singer and songwriter Joey Britton is a musical genius. Britton’s hard-working approach to nurturing the craftsmanship of his music has led to some brilliant recordings. The originality of Joey Britton’s music and the self-confidence he possesses to be his own artist is quite impressive. Britton’s new album, Edmonton Sessions, is a mind-blowing testimony of his musical genius.


Edmonton Sessions is an album of eight dynamic tracks. Joey Britton, along with vocalists Ivan Garcia and Juleona Soto, really have put their hearts into creating something memorable and satisfying to the soul. Beginning with the album’s opening track, Forever Young, listeners are lead into the heart of Edmonton Sessions‘ organic and prosperous rhythms. Other exceptional tracks like Stay Here and Fly Away demonstrate Britton’s clever use of soulful harmonies and acoustic instrumentation.

Living Out My Dreams and One Night Stand are sure to find their way into the hearts of listeners. Despite the song’s title, One Night Stand is a unique love song that builds off of a popular phrase that Britton ingeniously is able to turn into a slogan for the heart’s sincere desire. Overall, Edmonton Sessions is one of this year’s best albums and a musical experience to endear for life.

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