It seems like yesterday when any information about the Necronomicon Gnosis and its magical working were hard to obtain. Over the past ten years, however, the world has witnessed an unprecedented interest in the Necronomicon mythos and its spiritual and practical application. Many magicians have found, in particular, the Simon Necronomicon to be a usable and powerful system of divination and spirituality.

Since the publication of the Simon tome, many other copycat versions have been produced. Despite all of these factors, readers will find The Necronomicon by James K. Campbell Jr., a nice gem in the ocean. Campbell’s Necronomicon appeals both to those who enjoy the Necronomicon as a mythos and others who endear a text like the Simon version as a true path.

Just from my observation, Campbell is a true soldier of the Necronomicon Tradition and has paid his dues simply by learning the system itself. Campbell’s Necronomicon begins with portions of other Necronomicons and related material preceding it. Perhaps a tribute to what fuels his genius in the latter stages of the work that he authored. The book proves to be a thorough serving for a Necronomicon generation and the tools we have to work with at the present time. For a text that is over 500 pages, Campbell’s Necronomicon rises above a debris of copycat tomes and prove its value in what it has to offer. On the topic of the Necronomicon Gnosis, Campbell gets my thumbs up and a ticket to the Hall of Fame.

3 thoughts on “A Review of The Necronomicon by James K. Campbell Jr.

  1. James K Campbell Jr. says:

    You guys are welcome for the book I wrote. I have copies of both the Atlantean Necronomicon and the Ivory Tablets of the Crow. Warlock Asylum’s books became instrumental to helping me along as a guide since 2012 when I first contacted him about my collectible Atlantean Necronomicon he wrote. He let me keep Atlantean Necronomicon as my copy had ‘Fall of Christianity’ in it twice. So thumbs up to Warlock Asylum.

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