2018 YouTube Channel of the Year: Sin Ful

Phillip Gilmore a.k.a Sin Ful The P has put together one of the best YouTube Channels to date. Originally from Chicago, Sin Ful The P has become a big brother, life coach, and mentor to thousands of people who have found wisdom in his words.

2018 YouTube Channel of the Year: Sin Ful

One thing that I truly admire about Sin Ful is that he keeps it 100! Not only is Sin Ful aware of the light and dark aspects of reality, he really goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep his listeners well-informed about the danger of foolish trends while giving his audience options to better their lives.

A lot of times we hear people talking about the importance of “getting this information” without informing their audience that it is their emotional state which creates their reality. So what we find is pseudo-leadership leaving their audiences angry over “good information,” and returning to their neighborhoods angry only to attract angry situations into their lives. So where is the progress? This is why Sin Ful’s work is so important! Sin Ful will always give you the facts from a perspective that is rational and from a perspective that a person can absorb while maintaining their inner peace.

It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Sin Ful as the Warlock Asylum International News 2018 YouTube Channel of the Year. Congratulations and thanks putting that “spectacular vernacular” into the language of everyday people!

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