Tales of a Renaissance Woman: Interview With Poet & Playwright – Amina Henry

“It’s really important for me to encourage a diversity of perspectives in theater, which I think will lead to a greater understanding of who we ALL are. I’m also really interested in pushing tough conversations so that we can get closer to answers the answers about who we are and where we are going as humans.” – Amina Henry

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I Like It Like That – A Musical Successfully Carries The Heart of El Barrio!

Before the era of thinking it’s trendy to move into communities filled with John Doe next-door-neighbors, stood the voice of El Barrio and its homegrown cuisine of cultural sounds that […]

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The Godfather: Interview With The Legendary Spoken Word Artist Ngoma

My first visit to the Nuyorican Poets Café was a life changing event. I am sure that many poets consider the Nuyorican to be the Yankee Stadium of the spoken word […]

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