Drama by mentalEscape

Widely known as the Universal Sound Engineer, Mirza Čaušević a.k.a mentalEscape is a world traveler of many musical genres. Rising above the landscapes of sonic classifications means that mentalEscape is able provide his fans with something authentic simply by creating music that explains where he is at in life. Most of mentalEscape’s melodic expressions fall under the umbrella term electronic music.

While mentalEscape is his main project, other recording names used by Čaušević include Angelcrack, Afterfade, and Miz. In 2001, he released the single Industrial Whore under the pseudonym Detrude. The track reached number #1 on MP3.com and was later remixed by GITM (Ghost In The Machine) and featured on a compilation album released by Raw42 Records called Definitive: Twisted (circa 2001). mentalEscape’s diversity can be attributed to domestic background of having been raised in both Bosnia and Massachusetts (United States.). His newest EP entitled, Drama, is a perfect expression of mentalEscape’s musical evolution.

Drama by mentalEscape

Different than some of mentalEscape’s previous work, Drama is much more cinematic in its approach. Drama is an EP consisting of eight tantalizing tracks. Successfully, mentalEscape’s newest offering provides a cynical reflection of everyday life.

Drama begins with Storytelling. A cerebral track with hints of industrial bass, Storytelling turns out to be the perfect gatekeeper between the waking state of the music lover and the hazy journey ahead. Not This Life (Van Sebe) is the next track on the Drama EP. It follows Storytelling’s method and use of bright keyboard sounds against a shadowy backdrop. Not This Life is a delightful tune that is mentally engaging. Rebuild opens the door to Drama’s darker side. I love the electro bass on this track. Other elements of the song, add a little funk to this composition’s theme, amazingly inventive.

Elephant Stomper is an exotic gem with industrial overtones. It’s quite an intense offering from mentalEscape that turns out to be an album favorite. The rewind-button finger is sure to get it tons of exercise with Elephant Stomper. Mrak is filled with enchantment. Definitely a nighttime track, Mrak puts you in the mood for something that exists behind the veil. The track’s high-end production is incredible. Dream Lotus and Cinderella 99 is a brilliant display of mentalEscape’s musical genius. This electronic lullaby features some amazing drum programming with its clever use of strings. Very impressive!

Baksuzluk is an intense track. The Serbian term baksuzluk is sometimes used as the English phrase “bad luck”. Surprisingly, Baksuzluk has its inspiring moments. Betty Elms concludes the Drama EP. This musical anthem of the global citizen is an entertaining reminder of our place in the universe. Listening to this track is like a conversation between two musical sentences, one that’s lofty and the other earthy. This is a great way to conclude a masterful work.

Drama is a monumental stride for electronic music. mentalEscape is able capture the listener’s attention with an ear candy of an intellectual nature. Drama by mentalEscape has a nostalgic meaning who enjoy how music affects the soul!

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  1. Talk about nostalgia!!! I listened to mentalEscape YEARS back while he was on MySpace. MIZ IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOUR NEW EP!!!

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