Based out of San Diego, California, singer and songwriter Ren Daversa spoils us again with her soulful voice and irresistible offering of melody in the stirring release of the single Cut and Dried. As a musical veteran, Daversa has been singing and writing songs since the early-90s. She has performed in front of numerous crowds and carries an energy that is unforgettable.

The single Cut and Dried is off of Daversa’s sensational debut solo album titled Saltwater. The track has a folk-rock groove that is led by acoustic guitar and the charming voice of this captivating songstress. Like the title of the song, Daversa lays out an enchanting, but all too telling story of a relationship that has surpassed its boundaries as the roads of separation loom on the horizon. Daversa sings with a passion that is so real that the song’s scenario becomes visually painted in the minds of her audience. Cut and Dried is truly an exceptional tune and a vehicle wherein Daversa can ingeniously express her creative mind to us all.

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