Ezla (singer)

Skeletons by Ezla – The Music World’s Lucky Charm


Ezla has blessed the world with her own style of pop music. Originally from Texas, the insatiable rebel of song found her voice in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was able to work with some talented producers and develop a sound that compliments her dark lyricism. Ezla truly brings something special to her audience that is one hundred percent memorable. From the critically acclaimed album Outcasts comes Ezla’s new single Skeletons, a song that wonderfully demonstrates her musical ingenuity.

Skeletons will be released on February 2nd 2018. It’s a delightful tune and a working symbol of Ezla’s enchanting voice. Music enthusiasts will find Skeletons’ organic sound inviting. Ezla uses her voice in song to paint poetic metaphors of relationship ill while acknowledging its cynical side effects. Skeletons is successfully entertaining and thought-provoking. Skeletons proves to be an impressive offering by Ezla that will succeed most expectations.

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