A few months ago, I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing The Necronomicon by James K. Campbell Jr. It’s not common that we find authors of such topics. However, Campbell has been involved in magical studies for quite some time. Recently, we had a chance to discuss a few things about occult science and I think you will enjoy some of our discussion

Author and occultist – James Campbell

Warlock Asylum: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions. There are many people who have benefited from your writings and experience. However, for our readers who may not be familiar with your persona, tell us, who is James Campbell?

James Campbell: I am 30 years old and live in Kentucky. I have no children and I am not married. I had to raise myself from 14 to 18. I have had several jobs working at recycling centers and as a maintenance worker and just trying to put myself through a local college.

Warlock Asylum: Sounds like you had an interesting life and your fair share of challenges. How did you get involved in occult studies coming from a place like Kentucky?

James Campbell: When I was 18 and in college I started researching Wicca basics at the campus library. I stayed in that tradition for two weeks until a spirit led me to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean. After working with them, Thoth appeared to me and called me Enoch. I added his name to it to honor him, making it Enoch-Thoth.

He taught me ways to access vast knowledge and an understanding of certain mysteries as I obtained the keys mentioned in that text. The book that caught my eye out of the different versions of the Necronomicon was the Turner Necronomicon and the R’lyeh Text. I worked with the Necronomicon Mythos until I found the Simon Necronomicon, which I printed out. I was a solitary practitioner who practiced magic in secret.

Warlock Asylum: I find it interesting that you mention the Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean, As Doreal, who received the text was actually one of the first to work with Lovecraft related material in conjunction with a spiritual paradigm. Can you elaborate on why you had to maintain secrecy?

James Campbell: I have come to learn that one of the good things about magic off the internet is maintained secrecy. If you live in a place like Kentucky, an oasis in the Bible belt, it is a good idea to be secret to maintain power and safety. A place like the Bible belt does not openly accept magic and therefore, secrecy must be maintained.

Warlock Asylum: That is a very wise approach. Why the Simon Necronomicon? Are you involved with other magical systems or is the Simon Necronomicon a devotional path for you?

James Campbell: I like the Simon Necronomicon in regards to the Ancient Ones. The Urilia Text is my favorite section. I also work with the Sixth Book of Moses. I am in paths related to the Old Ones too, like the Book of Eibon and De Vermis Mysteriis. While I never would hurt a child, I have found that the Veil of Negative Existence can also be crossed through devotion to Yog-Sothoth. I work on my path peacefully and safely.

Warlock Asylum: A peaceful approach is always a blessing. In recent years, we have seen quite a few magical texts being released under the title “Necronomicon”. What inspired you to publish a Necronomicon and how is it different from the other titles of the same name?

James Campbell: I was extremely interested in some of the knowledge I discovered about the book so I tried to be as thorough as possible. I knew that people who followed the Necronomicon needed accurate information. Because of that, I combined various books related to my research. As for the difference, my project on my book was meant to be free to the poor and expensive to the rich. I wanted the rich and poor alike to be able to obtain my book.

Warlock Asylum: That’s a great approach. How has the feedback been for the new book?

James Campbell: Right now the feedback is going good. It was sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A month ago it was sold out on Australian Amazon.

Warlock Asylum: It’s great to hear that it is circulating and people are getting to know your material. In what ways has your work with the Necronomicon benefited your life?

James Campbell: I would say that it has benefited my life in a wonderful way, because my friends and studies, I have found that the Necronomicon Mythos is connected to Astrology through the IGIGI, Qliphoth through Iak Sakkak, Kabbalah through Enki, Alchemy through both the Seven Initiatory Gates of the ZONEI, Wicca through Tiamat, Dream Magick through Enki being the father of the seven Apkallu, not to mention Enochian (thanks to you), and Maskim through Nyarlathotep. Majority of the traditions I have studied and practiced have connections to those traditions. The Necronomicon, in my opinion, is like a collage in that it has small and large connections to a lot of different traditions.

Warlock Asylum: Thanks very much for compliment and that’s a very good point about the depth of studies and layered traditions found in the Simon tome. What are some of your future goals in conjunction with the current itself?

James Campbell: I was considering to practice Practical Alchemy myself. I already understand the laws, theories, and some correspondences from De Vermis Mysteriis – Third Edition. Lately, I have improvised on the tools. Pickle jars in place of mason jars. Two weeks ago, I started making the Niter Alkahest and it is now ready for working with minerals AND metals.

Warlock Asylum: what advice would you give to a newcomer interested in the Simon Necronomicon?

James Campbell: I would say that the book can be practiced using blessed paper, not necessarily metals. It’s easier that way.

Warlock Asylum: What vital lessons have you learned as an occultist that you would like to share with our readers?

James Campbell: One of the things I learned as an occultist is that if you follow the rules and guidelines it honors the gods, but supplies can also be cheap. Never overstep one’s boundaries. Humility is highly important.

“Never overstep one’s boundaries. Humility is highly important.” – James Campbell


Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from James Campbell in the future? Any final thoughts?

James Campbell: I am considering a way of setting up a yahoo group to discuss the different Necronomicons and various related topics. I would like to give thanks for the people who have taught me about the Necronomicon.

Thanks Brother Campbell for taking the time to share some of your experiences and insights with our subscribers. We wish you all the best in your earthly and spiritual endeavors. Many happy returns!


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    Very cool guy! I messaged him when I noticed the .PDF of his book was free to question is this was an error he didn’t notice. It wasn’t! He is very interested in helping those along the path.

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