Vol, 1 by LucidFer

LucidFer is a stunning Croatian band with a sound that rock purists and music enthusiasts are sure to cherish. Band members Aleksandar Vrhovec (guitars, piano), Bojan Aleksić (vocals), Giò Maucieri (drums), and Yaroslav Kiyashko (bass), have successfully constructed a distinct style of melody with their fusion of blues, grunge, pop, and rock music elements.  Released in January 2018, LucidFer’s new album Vol. 1 offers a journey down rock’s musical highway.

Vol, 1 by LucidFer

Vol. 1 is a full-length album. Amazingly, LucidFer is able to create a living mural of song with ten choice songs. Vol. 1 opens with Alone, a risky tune with some great harmonies and a fabulous groove. Vol. 1 has an abundance of hazy overtones as seen in the song Trail. This approach works really well with the instrumentation and vocals.

Island in the Sun is a bright tune and comes with a really cool video. Musically, an echo of folk rock’s genius flourishes in the backdrop of this song amid a flaring electric guitar. Seventh Seal is pleasant to the ears and definitely one of the treasure chests appearing on Vol. 1. The lyrics on Seventh Seal offer a cynical take on life, a very unique track.

Vol. 1’s blues element really shines forth through the album’s dexterity. Tracks like Lonely goes in hard on its guitar solo. Sailing follows with a rock pop approach. Sailing’s organic overtones create a warm atmosphere for this handsome melody to flourish within. The constancy of LucidFer’s Vol. 1 reaches its height in the final track No Faith. Somewhat of a psychedelic garage rock extravaganza, No Faith’s long-winded song structure gives fans that deep thirst-quenching satisfaction. No Faith leaves off with a nice little secret that can only be shared with those who sit down and listen to the album.

Vol. 1 by LucidFer is a compelling album that offers listeners a true point of access into a real rock world. This is an album with both attitude and personality. LucidFer has found a way to make even the darkest topics sound inspirational. Vol. 1’s timeless nature and its release constructs a monumental part of rock music history. Hopefully, the world will see LucidFer’s diamond in the rough.

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