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Poetess and Rap Artist Saemonae Wakes The World Up With Her Single – Dreams

Straight from Seattle, poet and hip-hop artist Saemonae brings strong lyrical content to the modern-day rap world. Saemonae’s passion for music began in grade school. Today, her brilliance shines forth through a hard work ethic and a great amount of self-determination. Saemonae’s latest single Dreams is a living testimony of her artistic ability and heartfelt ingenuity.

Dreams is an autobiographic rap song that was inspired during an inner struggle that Saemonae had to face in order to make her way into the music business. Dreams immediately grabs our attention with its ear-candy drum pattern. Saemonae delivers a picture perfect rap vocal that’s all about sticking to your dreams. Her flow is so natural and she is able to make good use of the track’s free space by providing a cinematic performance behind the microphone. What more can you ask for than Dreams?

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