The Boston-based rock band Deep C Divers are giving music purists something to smile about. In an industry filled with gimmicks, Deep C Divers hosts a refreshing sound that brandishes integrity and virtuous melody consistent with the traditional ethics of the popular music genre. The chemistry between band members Deep Chinappa (lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist), Paul Erlich (lead guitar, keyboards), Gregg Marcus (bassist), John Bordage (drums) is evident in the craftsmanship and musical structure of the group’s catalogue. Deep C Divers’ recent single Smile For Better Days captures glimpses of the magic that these four talented men weave.

Smile For Better Days is a single off the album Making Waves. The track has strong organic quality that flirts with the genres of country rock, folk, pop, and classic rock. Lyrically, Smile For Better Days is more than a salutation of “get home safe,” but a philosophy that is being shared by more and more people who understand the technology of good emotions and smiling.

The song’s structure and instrumentation is brilliant. Smile For Better Days has a lovely break and emphasizes a similar formula to another quartet that is known to have ruled the music world of the 1960’s. Smile For Better Days has a bright theme with a message that is  needed in these days and times. Deep C Divers deserves a standing ovation from an audience filled with smiling faces.

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