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Before She Knows By Rhett Repko: The New Revolver

Singer and songwriter Rhett Repko is a brilliant musician with talent that is appreciated by audiences young and old. Rhett has uniquely reinvented the classic rock sound through a modern template of song structure and instrumentation, which not only bridges a generation gap but, clearly defines the struggles and joys of the modern world through music.

Artists of this caliber are a rare breed indeed. Rhett was honored as 2018’s Songwriter of the Year by our very own Warlock Asylum International News. He has received other awards for his musical capabilities including being recognized by the International Song Of The Year Songwriting Contest as a Semi-Finalist for his rock song “A Little Loving” in July and “About Last Night” in December of 2016. Rhett also earned a Top 20 Finalist spot for his song “Say Goodbye” in the SongBuilder Studios Songwriting Competition in December of 2016.

Rhett Repko’s latest single Before She Knows is a total breakaway from his previous musical formula. Before She Knows is filled with an electrical pulse that opens the door to a whole new dimension of vitality for rock music lovers. Before She Knows is a song about a guy doing new things in order to change the heart of the one that he loves. Rhett’s inventiveness oozes throughout the song’s unique drum patterns and guitar sequences, eventually culminating into an incredibly warm and delightful tune that stands apart from the songwriter’s previous works. Before She Knows is Rhett Repko at his finest!