Originating in Sydney, Australia, Big Merino is a remarkable band of seasoned musical veterans. Comprised of band members Stuart Davis (lead vocals/guitar), Alex Craig (lead guitar), Peter Richardson (bass) and Colin Sevitt (drums), Big Merino is highly respected for their grassroots sound that is a working recipe of blues, country, funk, and rock music genres. Big Merino’s release of their debut album Suburban Wildlife is already creating waves since its release and is gaining quite a few accolades from music critics.

Suburban Wildlife is a full-length album consisting of 10 perfected tracks. Big Merino’s sound is an easy winner for audiences and musicians alike. Suburban Wildlife is an organic masterpiece, from start to finish we are led home and back. With the depth of tunes like Black Cockatoos, Love Letter From A Fool, and Hands in the Fire, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Each track on the album fits the chemistry of rewind-button happiness. Suburban Wildlife is a brilliant album that calls for a musical celebration.

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