Recently, I had the honor of reviewing Spanish Orange by RGF, one of the premier bands of our modern era. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, RGF’s flavor of rock music is unique and consistent with the genre’s traditional elements. RGF is also known for putting together some really cool music videos. The group’s latest single Blue Angel is everything that can be expected from these musical veterans and more.

Blue Angel is a single off the album self-titled EP R.G.F. Lyrically, Blue Angel hits home as an inventive hard rock social commentary about people being overly obsessive with life’s problems. RGF’s creative genius is demonstrated in their ability to make muse out of such topics without sounding preachy or heavy. Blue Angel is an enjoyable ride. Musically, the track is an instantaneous charm that is sure to captivate any rock lover’s attention with its steady tempo and high-pitched guitar accents. Blue Angel puts the listener in the driver’s seat of an eighteen-wheeler on an open highway. Blue Angel has a really cool music video that works as a psychedelic portrayal of the song’s lyrics. Blue Angel by RGF is another gold brick on the wall of rock music nostalgia.


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