Annie Higgins

Silence by Annie Higgins: A Soulful Work

Singer and songwriter Annie Higgins is a remarkable performer who uses the wisdom she has gained from life as a stylus in creating beautiful music. Based in Sydney, Australia, Annie Higgins is the complete package of womanhood. She is a mother, wife, teacher, and singer. As a mature female artist, every musical gesture that Higgins creates is bound in soul. Her new single Silence is an invigorating tune that stands as an island in an ocean of musical bliss.

Silence, released through indie label Underfoot Records, is a song that draws from many musical influences though centered in the pop music genre. The song’s structure and layers are enchanting, warm, and a flavorful coat in an array of organic-hood that is perfect. Higgins performance on the track is the best thing next to seeing her live in concert. Her voice is captivating! Higgins is able to make the listener feel like they are in the recording studio with the artist. Silence is a winner and a masterpiece in progress.


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