Award-winning singer and songwriter Joel Leffler has always held music as the centerpiece of his life. He is the direct bloodline of the well-known Leffler brothers Edmund & Adam from the 1800’s. At an early age, Joel’s musical craftsmanship was developed under the guidance of his father Wayne Leffler, an award-winning songwriter in his own right. Having strong musical roots and a good work ethic, Joel’s career has grown tremendously. From 2008, Joel picked up 2 UTAS Runner-Up Stephen Schwartz Songwriting awards, 4 x Top 10 Triple JJJ Unearthed charting songs & a range of appearances with Australian greats such as Diesel, Ian Moss & Rick Price.

Joel Leffler’s latest work of genius is an EP composed of six songs entitled Strip Me Bare. Amazingly, Leffler has been able to create a brilliant expression in song that has a warm sound and is solid through and through. Strip Me Bare possesses a deep organic and soulful offering. Strip Me Bare opens with the creative track Speed of Light. A perfect opener that draws its strongest influences from the dance and popular music genres, Speed of Light has a charming sound and a very clean sound.

The title track of the EP Strip Me Bare has strong radio appeal and through its structure establishes a template for the songs that follow. Strip Me Bare has a catchy hook and an easy to follow groove that courts a flirting hint of R&B in its composition. The continuity of the EP is legendary in itself. Every song can be worked as a single. Definitely let your eardrums catch the pitch of Auburn Hair. Strip Me Bare by Joel Leffler goes well with good times and makes for an instantaneous musical love affair.

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