Based in Barcelona, singer and songwriter Alexia Riva is a beautiful artist with an impeccable voice. The French Mexican songstress’ passion and love for music are evident not only in the quality of her work, but in the fact that Alexia is one of the premiere self-taught musicians of our time. Alexia has created a signature sound that revolves around the worlds of pop, jazz, and soul music. Alexia’s new single In The City of Counts is an electrifying display of her creativity and skill as a vocalist.

In The City of Counts takes its title from Barcelona’s nickname (‘Ciutat Comtal’ in Spanish). The track’s fabulous instrumentation and acoustic guitar lead provide the right platform for Alexia’s tempestuous voice to hover over this harmonious landscape like the footprints of the sun walking across an oasis of soul music.  In The City of Counts has a crisp video that successfully captures the vibe of the song and brandishes Alexia’s persona and devotion to her musical craft. Alexia Riva has all the right tools to springboard into the star that she is destined to become. In The City of Counts is a gold brick in this road.

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