Atif Ali Khan is a brilliant self-taught singer and songwriter whose interest in music began as a child. Over time, Atif began performing for family and friends. His artistic endeavors led him to become a semi-finalist at American Idol in 2008 at Dubai. Atif’s job denied him time off to attend the event in Las Vegas. So he left his job as Creative Director in a major ad agency in Dubai to continue music and has never looked back since. Atif in Arabic means the kind one, and it is by this same name that the band was formed.

Consisting of members Atif Ali Khan (vocals, guitars, and piano), Tahir Khan (guitars), and Zulficar Xulfi (keyboards), The Atif have developed an incomparable sound that is original in its presentation. The band’s recent single titled Sweet Spot heralds a delightful resurgence of a traditional rock music flavor that is both inventive and progressive. Sweet Spot covers the theme of forbidden love, a steamy relationship between a married man and a single woman. Sweet Spot is a high-energy rock track with excellent guitar play and clear lyricism. Although the song flirts with elements of pop music, rockers are sure to be delighted with the track’s execution and structure. Sweet Spot also serves as the soundtrack for a short film of the same theme entitled, The Disowned.

Written and produced by Atif, The Disowned delves into an emotional scene featuring a woman who feels neglected by her a lover that is married to another woman. Videos for both The Disowned and Sweet Spot add a taste of nostalgia to the art world that has been lacking for quite some time. Sweet Spot by The Atif is a memorable classic in the making.

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