My Cousin Dallas is a progressive rock band out of Minnesota that makes anything having to do with music a good time. Consisting of members Derek Anderson (lead vocals, guitar), Carl Di Laura (bass guitar, backing vocals), Bret Running (lead guitar, part-time vocals), and Sam Crnobrna (percussion, part-time vocals), My Cousin Dallas is all about exemplifying good vibrations. Their new single Stereo Multiplex is one tune that reveals the group’s creative aspirations.

As a single off the album titled Keep Hope Alive, the track Stereo Multiplex draws heavily from alternative rock, Americana, pop, and progressive rock musical genres. Stereo Multiplex has a really cool theme and video that explores a music lover’s fetish for phonograph records and analog sound, which some believe to be America’s fastest growing hobby. Stereo Multiplex by My Cousin Dallas is simply an enjoyable ride for music enthusiasts.

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