Live at Texas Indie Fest is Tough On Fridays’

Straight from Georgetown, Texas, the incomparable duo Tough On Fridays has an uncanny musical genius that is making waves across the world of alternative rock music. Members Katie (Vocals, Bass, Guitars) and Caleigh (Vocals, Guitars) possess an endearing chemistry that makes each offering of chorale that they create equally entertaining and thought-provoking. Their upcoming EP titled Live at Texas Indie Fest is filled with organic inventiveness and signature prose of melody that will leave you humming along “Rewind Avenue” with a savory anticipation for each and every track.

Live at Texas Indie Fest is Tough On Fridays’ debut EP. Tough On Fridays recorded this delicious set of songs at the festival by the same name back in March of 2018. Live at Texas Indie Fest proves to be a valuable work, as it helps to reveal Tough On Fridays’ raw talent and creative brilliance. Tracks like Retrospect and Lush work well in demonstrating the band’s industrious drive and rock-inspired approach to music. Little Italy, a song that Caleigh and Katie wrote when they were six-years-old, turns out to be sophisticatedly intoxicating and filled with charismatic melodies. The duo’s relentless strides in artistic cultivation, live instrumentation, fierce song structure, and spectacular vocal performances, give Tough On Fridays the keys to a memorable weekend indeed.


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