America’s favorite folk music diva Amilia K Spicer returns from the dimensions of chorale with an enchanting single titled Harlan. Many of our readers may remember the last time we visited the charming Renaissance woman was upon the release of her Christmas song and video Love’s For Living. Spicer is a pure songstress that embellishes the benefits of having a hard work ethic and raw talent. It is these same principles that proved to be instrumental in building this country and human society as a whole. Spicer’s new single Harlan is no exception to this rule.

Released by Free Range Records, Harlan is a brilliant tune that truly epitomizes Spicer’s musical genius. Musically, Harlan is built upon the groovy strides of an acoustic guitar lead with other instrumentation traditional to folk and country western music that gives the song its bright aura. Spicer’s puts the icing on the cake with a flawless vocal performance in song. Harlan by Amilia K. Spicer is an essential part of any music lover’s library.

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