Originally from Birmingham, England, the eclectic trio and sibling band MICCOLI have made a stunning musical debut with their new album Arrhythmia. Comprised of members Alessio Miccoli (piano, vocal, and acoustic guitar), Francesca Miccoli (vocals, piano, and harmonica), and Adriano Miccoli (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar), this diligent trio has procured a mature and organic sound that is full of charm and delight.

MICCOLI is a self-sufficient band with each member being a singer and songwriter. Growing up, the trio was influenced by legendary musical acts like Simon and Garfunkel, Prince, Don Mclean, The Police, Eros Ramazzotti, Umberto Tozzi, My Bloody Valentine, Fleetwood Mac and the sounds of Motown, to name a few. MICCOLI has excelled in their musicianship. Over the past few years, these youthful musical veterans have toured extensively all over the UK, landing sponsorship deals in both LA and Asia.

MICCOLI’s debut album titled Arrhythmia was recorded and produced solely by the three siblings on a quiet island off the coast of Penang, Malaysia. The album consists of 14 tracks with each being a ket to its own dimension. MICCOLI put their heart and soul into the album’s production and post-production process. The result is nothing less than a masterpiece.

Arrhythmia Track-by-Track Review

Idle Strangers: Arrhythmia opens with a brilliant track entitled Idle Strangers. Immediately, the audience is charmed by the crisp audio and hypnotic guitar strums that appear at the beginning of the song. Much of the beauty of Idle Strangers is found in its spectacular vocal performance and catchy hook. The track totes some amazing lyricism that is poetic and shines a deep desire for the depth of love rather than a touch-and-go relationship. The music video for the song perfectly captures this perspective on love with deep earth tones and its psychological use of masks.

Fear: A deeply enchanting and intimate offering that brandishes a crafty electric guitar riff and a pulsating bassline. The song captures us with its gripping atmosphere that certainly captures its title and theme.

Devices: Arrhythmia continues with an emotionally-driven melody. The song has a unique structure, which is sure to keep MICCOLI’s audience intrigued. The track’s elegant musical landscape is quite endearing and is colored by poetic lyrics and metaphors, which act as an instrument themselves.

Undo: A marvelous love song that also encompasses the courage that it takes to search into our own hearts. Much of the material on the album is a direct reflection of life and the group’s perceptions and personal experiences. The track has some amazing percussion. Undo opens with a really cool bass riff and draws out a few exotic sounds that compliment the track’s electric guitar lead and keyboard. The song is a desperate cry to make a relationship in struggle work and in this, we find Undo to be its own work in progress.

Addiction: The track is very festive in its approach and carries a delightful groove and some invigorating vocals by the trio. MICCOLI is able to build upon the song’s atmosphere with the crafty use of piano. Addiction is a musical gem that adds to Arrhythmia’s continuity as an album with its soulful vocal performance.

Lights: The song has a bright rhythm that draws some elements from R&B, but still fit for the sonic landscape that MICCOLI has carved for the journey. The lyrics read like a love poem and are captivating when sung.

Magnify: One of my favorite tracks on the album, this high-energy tune is exhilarating and display a perfect balance of layered vocals. Magnify is sure to capture your heart with its catchy hook and sterling rhythms.

Angels & Demons: The track has very strong acoustics and a very attractive melody. The lead vocals are tremendous and center on the internal struggle to be who we truly are, or simply take the correct path in all things, if such a thing is possible.

Tell Me: MICCOLI gifts their audience with this hypnotic melody. The song also makes clever use of adlib vocals. Along with some outstanding percussion, Tell Me is sure to make a lasting impression on the listener.

Sirens: This tune has a bit of an island swing as its founding rhythm. Sirens make use of a warm melody and a smooth electric guitar riff. The song has a great music video that captures much of the energy and message of the song through strong visuals and cinematography.

Ledge: Another song by MICCOLI that is bursting at the seams with musical expression. Ledge is mixed in such a way that it is easy for a listener to close their eyes and imagine they’re at a concert.  This musical landscape serves as the perfect podium for the lead vocals and theme of emotional comfort by a lover.

Arryhthmia: The track begins with an intricate bassline backed by tempestuous drums. The song is reminiscent of the vibe U2 was able to create with Joshua Tree. The track’s exotic muse makes Arryhthmia a memorable piece.

Home: Another favorite that has a taste of folk-rock into its scheme. The song’s tranquil vibe fits perfectly with its title. Home’s possesses an exceptional drum sequence infused with a refreshing guitar strum. The track seems to explore measures of comfortability during a relationships toughest times.

Replace: MICCOLI concludes this masterful album with a beautiful pianist track that provides an excellent summation of Arrhythmia through a dialogue made perfect from its instrumentation.

Arrhythmia is a fabulous album and a profound testimony of MICCOLI’s creative genius. Arrhythmia appears to serve as an internal musical lens of focus, wherein the listener can see reality through new eyes. Arrhythmia is a journey into that internal space of freedom that is made real by the keys of honest self-examination. Only a few artists have ventured down such a path. MICCOLI has done it with their debut album and for that Arrhythmia will always deserve a standing ovation.

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