Rock music returns to its roots every time The Gary Douglas Band takes the stage. Wielded in a fusion of Americana, blues, country, and progressive rock, The Gary Douglas Band embodies the pride and talent inspired by musicians from the classic rock era. Gary Douglas’ lifelong love affair with music is an extraordinary catalyst for his slick ingenuity. Douglas is not only an exceptional artist, but a career music lawyer. His latest single, Nothing Ever Goes As Planned is a symphonious social commentary about these days and times.


Nothing Ever Goes As Planned is a soulful tune that is reflective of the tragedies of daily living in America. The musical landscape of the track flirts with much of the signature Americana and blues-rock style that Douglas is known to capture. I could not help to think of such musical greats like Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton when listening to this song. Nothing Ever Goes As Planned is a delightful offering from The Gary Douglas Band and just what the doctor ordered for rock purists.

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