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Making It Up by Analyn Almerino


The soulful voice of Analyn Almerino is something memorable.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Japan, singer Analyn Almerino has set her aims on introducing and gaining a following in the West. Analyn began entering singing competitions in Japan at the age of fourteen. She was selected as the winner of several competitions, which were organized and supported by television stations like Nippon TV and Asahi Television. Currently Analyn is working with Rufus Lin Productions to export her own brand of English pop music out of Japan to an English-speaking audience. Analyn’s latest single Making It Up is now available on iTunes.

There is no doubt that Analyn Almerino has what it takes to make her mark on an English-speaking audience. She is intelligent and has a charming appearance. Her voice is incredible as much as it is memorable. While I am not Japanese, I do have family and some roots tied to its culture. Making It Up exhibits much of Analyn’s depth as a singer. The song is fun and attractive, especially for fans of Japanese electro-pop. However, I think for Analyn to gain a wider audience in this hemisphere of the world, it may be best to work with producers from the UK and America. Music is a language and some vibes are universal, whereas others are cultural. Even the Beatles had to adjust their style in order to gain momentum in America. One thing is for certain, Making It Up reveals that much of Analyn’s potential is still waiting to be unraveled and watching this process is truly something rewarding.