Ember Snow is a rising star in the adult entertainment industry that wears the title “lady of desire” perfectly well. Not only is she a stunning beauty of Filipina descent, but a human soul with sharp intelligence and an extremely compassionate heart. As a diva of good character, Ember was recently nominated for Cam Crossover in the YNOT Cam Awards. It is truly amazing watching Ember’s boundless potential unfold on and off-screen. I had the blessed honor of conversing with Ember and gained several insights from her life’s perspective and experience. I’m sure you will enjoy our conversation.

Warlock Asylum: I would first like to begin by saying thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions and share some of your insights and life with us. What inspired you to seek a career in adult entertainment?

Ember Snow: Outside of porn, I’m working toward becoming a mainstream producer as well.  As anybody who works in the world knows, it’s really hard to raise the money to make the films you want.  It’s also a world where women are sexually harassed and hit on at every turn.  So, I figured, why not do porn?  I can make the money I need to make my own films and the sex I have is with other professionals.  Sure there are other hurdles that come with it, but I don’t care.  If I only make one film that speaks to a wide audience, I’ll feel it was worth it.

Warlock Asylum: I think that your ambition and drive are beautiful. I am sure that you will do well towards achieving your goals as a filmmaker. Tell us a little about your experience with the porn industry. Do you find your work enjoyable or is it just a paycheck?

Ember Snow: Actually, it’s very enjoyable.  I started out as a mainstream actress but, being Asian, the number of roles out there were slim to none.  It also seemed like all the same girls were competing for those same few roles.  In porn, there’s never a shortage of bookings and you still do get to act to an extent.  Also, I was raised in a really strict and closed off family.  All of my sexual desires and fantasies were lived out over the internet. So, breaking into the porn industry has allowed me to explore those desires and fantasies but with other professionals and in a safe environment.  The paychecks are nice, but trying to present sexuality in a positive way and pleasing the fans has its own rewards that go beyond a paycheck.

Warlock Asylum: According to your bio, it is said that you entered the world of adult entertainment shortly after losing your virginity. Was this a comfortable transition for you? What were you going through emotionally during this major transition in life?

Ember Snow: I was in a very positive place when I did it.  The decision to start doing porn was one that was born out of a desire to succeed, rather than feeling like I had no choice.  It was empowering.  A lot of mainstream actors would probably do it if they just didn’t have the hang-ups with the fact that they are actually having sex on camera.  And yeah, I did lose my virginity late, this is true, but my mind was already exploring different ideas and scenarios long before I actually had my own physical experiences.

Warlock Asylum: A lot of your onscreen work has been with women. Are you more drawn to working with women than men? Please explain.

Ember Snow: That would come from the fact that my very first sexual experience ever was with a woman.  I can’t tell you about it because I was supposedly too young to have those kinds of interests.  I have always found women incredibly beautiful and sensual.  I’m drawn to that.  That’s not to say that I’m not interested in men.  If I weren’t I would just do girl/girl scenes.  And actually, if you look at my body of work, I have worked with more men than women.  That’s why I developed my own series called “Girl Crushes.”  There are so many women in this business that I am dying to hook up with, but we never get partnered together.  So, I decided to shoot my own series of me, hooking up with the girls I want the most.  I’ve already shot four installments and am shooting two more this month.

Warlock Asylum: I see. That’s a very good perspective to have in the business. In terms of your relationship to work, are their times where you have to “fake it” in front of the camera?

Ember Snow: Not very often! LOL! No, I happen to have the kind of body that reaches orgasm easily.  I remember when I got into the business, I told myself that I was just going to treat it as work (or “acting”) and give the best performance that I can.  Then I realized I was actually cumming in all these scenes.  Part of it is the actual sex, but the rest of it is knowing that millions of people are out there watching me have sex…and for someone who likes to be watched, that’s a massive turn on!

Warlock Asylum: Outside of work, what are some of the hobbies that you find enjoyable?

Ember Snow: I’m a big movie and TV watcher.  I also love to play videos games but I just don’t find the time for it lately.  And now with this business, I’m getting to travel more.  Eventually, I want to see the world.

Warlock Asylum: Is there a love life for Ember Snow? If so, what are some of the qualities that you would look for in a mate?

Ember Snow: Do you mean, in a man?  LOL, I currently have a girlfriend who is my best friend and my lover outside of the business.  We truly connect in ways I never have with anyone else before.  I’m not opposed to men at all.  I just don’t date that much because work keeps me very busy and most guys can’t handle what I do.  They say they can, but ultimately they end up being jealous and possessive.  I know there are nice guys out there, but they are so hard to find.  As for what I would look for in a man?  Someone who starts a conversation with me in a genuine way.  Not someone who compliments me within 5 minutes and acts like all he wants to do is fuck me.  Major turn off.  Have something to say.  Be an individual.  Don’t be a pickup artist.  I may only weigh 90 pounds, but I am very hard to pick up.

Warlock Asylum: Lol! You are truly a self-made woman in a good way! What sort of music do you enjoy? Who’s your favorite musical artist?

Ember Snow: I’m more of a rock girl.  Rap, hip-hop, R&B and pop just don’t do it for me.  I feel there’s a lot more expression and passion in music that is actually performed by musicians that are not afraid to get deep.  I’m a huge fan of Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Dishwalla.

“Be an individual.  Don’t be a pickup artist.  I may only weigh 90 pounds, but I am very hard to pick up.”

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see yourself five years from now? Any final thoughts?

Ember Snow: Even if my mainstream career fails, it doesn’t matter.  I have found a home and a family in the porn industry. There are a lot of really great, honest, hardworking people here and I feel indebted to them for helping me get to where I am right now.  I’ll continue to perform in scenes so long as there is a demand for me and when those days end, hopefully, I will be a successful producer and director within the industry as well so my longevity is assured.  I really am a fan of the positive side of sex and it is my ambition to try to sway audiences back to watching sex that feels good and pleasurable, rather than the traditional male dominant, female submissive themes that get out of control.  Women can be sexually aggressive and that’s fine. I think it’s time that women showed men just how truly horny they really are and were more sexually aggressive with men rather than be completely submissive in bed.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. I am thoroughly impressed by your sense of business etiquette, professionalism, and practical outlook on life. On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I wish you all the best on your earthly and spiritual endeavors. Readers can find out more about Ember Snow by checking out her website and links: www.EmberSnow.com  Twitter Instagram

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