The soulful voice of Tanzanian American singer and songwriter Yvonne Sangudi is truly this Renaissance woman’s passport to becoming a household name. Her passion for artistic expression began as an adolescent and has since blossomed into a very successful career. Yvonne’s debut single “Tanzanite” peaked at #35 on the iTunes Top 100 Pop Charts (new releases). Four years later, we find a reborn Yvonne picking up the mantle where she last left off with her new single MistaRomeo.

MistaRomeo is an enthralling track with an ecstatic groove that flirts with the cosmic elements of the pop, reggaeton, and world music genres. While the theme of this track is about breaking up with a significant other lyrically, the music behind MistaRomeo holds court for a moment of celebration with its upbeat tempo. I imagine such a contrast exemplifies Yvonne’s nature of standing strong through emotional turmoil. I’m sure that many of us have felt a sigh of sadness, but also a sense of relief when we are able to let go of what is not useful in our life’s path. MistaRomeo carries this same message straight to the dance floor of our hearts giving us all the reason in the world to love ourselves. Yvonne’s enchanting performance in song is uplifting and a voice of inspiration that helps us make it through the day. MistaRomeo by Yvonne Sangudi is the complete package of everything that music should be. Bravo!

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