Frost G: A Craftsman of Rhyme


As a legend in his own right, Lavon Pope-Everson aka Frost G has risen to the realms of one of the foremost lyricists of our modern era. Born in New York and raised in Killeen, Texas, Frost G had to learn about the rules of survival early in life. Remarkably, this gifted emcee has been able to fuse his survival skills with the raw talent that makes him a born winner with a phenomenal flow. Listening to Frost G go in bar for verse is like hearing a warrior straddle hip hop’s classic era on his back while emerging with gems for modern devotees of the culture.

Frost G
Frost G: A Craftsman of Rhyme

Musically, Frost G is making big strides to advance his career. He has performed across the country, showcasing his talent at various venues. His recent single titled Shadows is filled with cast iron sentences of reality that only Frost G can sign in spitting. Shadows has a smooth rhythm that is intricately accented with moist bass, a chunky beat, and delightful brass hints. The track is further enhanced by its enchanting hook. Frost G makes Shadows his own with an impeccable cadence and flow. His voice has a memorable tone. It’s easy to see that Frost G is a veteran of his craft as his lyricism possesses deep content and can be interpreted on many levels. Frost G is not on the come up. He’s already there and Shadows makes him easily seen. 

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