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Renaissance artist, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and writer Blair B. has gracefully reinvented herself under the banner of Luxury Eviction. Music enthusiasts and longtime devotees of her work are sure to take delight in the new musical direction that she exemplifies through Luxury Eviction, as evidence in her new single Altered Cinder.

Built around a symphonious landscape of electro-pop and experiemental fusion, Altered Cinder allows Luxury Eviction to be herself and dive deep into the waters of self-discovery. The track’s theme appears around to be centered an introspective conversation with oneself spelled out in melodic overtones. Altered Cinder begins with a showcase electronica, led by drumming programming and keyboards. The track ascends with Blair’s vocals and slight improvisations. Altered Cinder is an impressive offering from Luxury Eviction and one step into the door of freedom.

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