Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, J. Vargas aka The Investment is Hip Hop’s new Renaissance man. As a product of his own genius, The Investment is developing a prosperous career as an entrepreneur, producer, recording artist, and songwriter. His musical expertise extends to various genres. The Investment’s lifelong affair with melody has given birth to some amazing music as evidenced by his latest release Lets Get Lit.

One thing that you have to respect about The Investment is his dedication to quality music, even if that means giving you more than what you bargained for in each and every offering. Lets Get Lit fits this description perfectly. The track is an intoxicating urban groove that opens with a nice keyboard segment and an enchanting bassline that escalates into an oasis of exotic instrumentation. J. Vargas sparks this melodic ride with a gifted vocal performance of both song and rap that is equally phenomenal. The smooth harmonies set forth by The Investment is an easy ride that puts listeners right at the scene of the pickup line.

Lets Get Lit is a charming romantic song written from a man to woman perspective. The Investment really goes in bar for bar with sonic visuals and a brilliant rap in taste to conclude this evening mood and urban psalm on the right note. Lets Get Lit by The Investment is tailored made for good times.

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