The Legendary Sean Cos Mason aka NoneIllah

Rap artist and entrepreneur Sean Cos Mason aka NoneIllah was definitely one of the finest lyricists ever. Born Deshon Johnson, Sean Cos Mason gained much of his musical expertise from the foundation that was set before him during his childhood. Not only would Naomi Johnson (Deshon Johnson’s mother) read the dictionary to her son when he was a toddler, but also take the aspiring youth with her to college. Although she was a single mother, Naomi was able to give her son a foundation that he was able to utilize in the development of his craft as an emcee. One of my favorite tracks by Sean Cos Mason is Too High.

Too High is a banging track that perfectly demonstrates the raw talent that Sean Cos Mason was able to unleash. The beat is an instant winner! Sean Cos effectively uses this musical landscape as a podium and narrative tour guide for the in-house party delights. The track comes with a nice animated video that accentuates the mood. For devotees of hip-hop culture, this is a must-have. As a veteran youthful veteran of the rap game, NoneIllah will always be remembered as a beautiful soul whose efforts will live on forever.


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