Alternative Rap Music

Gawdzilla by Boku Revolution X

Gawdzilla by Boku Revolution X

As the ambassadors of the international urban experience, Boku Revolution X is able to successfully fuse the genres of dub, hip-hop, electronica, reggae, and soul music for an innovative hour-glass effect, thereby establishing a new era and a new sound in World Hop. Comprised of members Jo D Jonz (vocals), Billy White (keyboards), and Mike Tree (drums), Boku Revolution X perfectly embodies the aura and path of delivering the future in a style similar to such legendary act as Sun Ra, The Roots, Parliament Funkadelic, Public Enemy, Fela Kuti, and more. Another admirable thing about Boku Revolution X is their political outspokenness, as evidenced by their song Gawdzilla.

Gawdzilla is a perfect example of Boku Revolution X’s high energy and signature themes of social issues. The track’s electro-groove is founded upon a hard-hitting, yet unorthodox drum sequence and additional live percussion. Coupled with layers of funky electronica, Gawdzilla merges from a rhythmically intense landscape like an orchestra of the times. Jo D Jonz’s rap/spoken word performance is the glue that provides a narrative direction and purpose to the overall mood of the song.

Jo D Jonz expounds upon the realism of a society that is forced to adopt racist ideals. What stands out, in particular, is Jo D jonz’s effortless flow and his ability to incorporate seemingly deep subject matter without sounding preachy.Gawdzilla is one brick in the birth of a Boku Revolution X movement.

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