Jhaga is one musical artist that uses his craft to empower others in the struggle. Based out of South San Francisco, California, the multi-talented rapper, singer, and songwriter Jhaga aka The Fly Mad Scientist has an incredible nostalgic presentation, which he is effectively able to fuse into his music. Jhaga’s new album titled The Matrix is a soulful journey that reveals his musical adroitness and raw talent.

The Matrix is comprised of twelve groundbreaking tracks. Refreshingly, this album turns out to be an innovative effort and eclectic masterpiece, wherein Jhaga remains true to classic hip hop form with a sound that is not only consistent but surpassing that of the post-modern era. In this regard, The Matrix stands out as a generation-mender and a triumphant work of art.

The Matrix Track-by-Track Review

1-All My Real Ones – Opening with a 70s-soul groove, Jhaga takes us into the land of the “real ones” where the strong survive. Jhaga spits an autobiographical view of what drives him and any “real ones’ for that matter, who have to put their life on the line to achieve greatness. What I find impressive is how much at peace with himself Jhaga sounds, which is the greatest testimony to any listener that the message in this song is as real as it gets.

2-These Jabrons – Captivating his listeners with a rapid-fire flow that definitely is line and sinker over this moist beat, Jhaga emerges properly victorious with a flavor and strong presence that is able to bounce in an out over the parameters of the blazing bassline just to let you know that he is in the building.

3-Don’t Let Them Hands Drop– This is certainly one of the formidable gems on the album. Jhaga kicks a message of inspiration with a charming rap-sung flow that will keep you on the edge of pressing the rewind button over and over again.

4-My Time– Jhaga presents a relentless variety of flows and shifts gear in cadence in My Time. His metaphors over this cinematic melody are something more than legendary.

5-Find Love-This is a brilliant club track with dancehall and reggae overtones. Jhaga brandishes his skills as a singer, which elevates the mood of the track. The beat is awesome.

6-A Player in The Game – This is classic hip-hop at its finest. Jhaga barks on the mic being a true emcee and veteran of his craft. The rhythm is chunky and somewhat reminiscent of rap’s legendary era. Player in The Game expands on The Matrix’s continuity.

7- The Matrix – Jhaga pulls another flow out of the vocal box and paints a picture of life today. The Matrix touches on many of the world’s dilemmas, using metaphors from the movie of the same title. The track has a profound message that is much needed for this day and time.

8- Wild Fire Flame – The track’s opening and hypnotic piano riff attractively keep us entranced as Jhaga spits some ill bars. Jhaga’s got bars for days!

9- About U – One of my favorite tracks on The Matrix, as we get to see Jhaga go in on the side of romance and his pursuit of a woman who demands a lot of attention, a flawless slow jam that is enough to incite its own destiny.

10 –Divine – A poetic love song that picks up off the theme of the last track. Jhaga erases all doubts about the realness of his love for the lady whose divinity shines through her eyes. Divine is a pure R&B serving with a well-developed song structure and instrumentation.

11- When I Graduate – This is a song that perfectly demonstrates the organic nature of the album’s production. When I Graduate displays an excellent balance between song and rap that is all bottled up in Jhaga’s creative mind.

12 – We Grow – Jhaga concludes The Matrix with an incredibly innovative track of praise for life and its author. We Grow sends out vibes of positive expression that is within the scope of today’s style and charm. We Grow turns out to be a wonderful way to bring this journey to its conclusion.

The Matrix is a masterpiece. Jhaga is able to put together an album that is both contemplative and entertaining. Each track on The Matrix is portal to another dimension that maintains a level of consistency through realness. Jhaga successfully makes his imprint on the music world with a stirring brand of excellence.

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