Based out of the UK, electronic music composer, producer, and rap artist Rafztar is back en route to becoming a household name with the release of his latest single Heart Set On Fire (feat. 2Nick8). Dated for release on February 12th, 2019, Heart Set on Fire is that special love rap song weighing in as this year’s Valentine’s selection.

Heart Set on Fire has a tantalizing sonic landscape filled with a hazy, yet delightful overtones. The track has an avant-garde vibe with a heavy electronic elements that create a storybook feel, similar to the vibe of early Wu-tang Clan material. The music is tastefully intriguing and is more than enough to keep us enchanted as charming podium for Rafztar’s flow.  The hook is catchy and all about being in love. The sincerity and proverbial skills of both Rafztar and 2Nick8 make Heart Set on Fire a spectacular love letter for all to enjoy. For more info about Rafztar and his upcoming release please visit his website at:

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