The multi-talented singer and songwriter Fred Argir is truly a man of exceptional melodic skill. Recently, I had the honor of reviewing his lead single I Don’t Feel It from the album entitled Still Alive. Argir’s innovating offering is a captivating work that many rock purists will cherish.

Still Alive is a vibrant album composed of fourteen tracks. Beginning with its opening song The World Isn’t Round, Argir is able to bring an eclectic vibe to a traditional rock music landscape. Still Alive’s inventiveness is something that must be heard to be truly appreciated. Argir is able to expand upon the borders of traditional rock music with alternative content that can be seen from tracks like Krishna Is Crying and Burn The Bridges Down, which are somewhat reminiscent of the psychedelic English garage rock era.

The album’s title track superbly exemplifies the overall mood of the project and many of its winning attributes. Different than most alternative rock recordings, Argir doesn’t rely on abstract sounds or the shiny buttons of strange-sounding synthesizers. Instead, we find Still Alive’s brilliance is so eloquently captured in how rock’s traditional instrumentation is abstractly played. Coupled with spectacular mix-downs and mastering, life for music lovers doesn’t get any better than Still Alive by Fred Argir.

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