Leafy Satori Risk is an incredible band with a very distinct, intelligible, and innovative sound. The group’s mysterious air compliments the level of sophistication behind their music. The clique is based out of Los Angeles but spends a lot of time in the warm embrace of other countries and travel. Leafy Satori Risk’s uniqueness revolves around their brilliant fusion of elements born from folk, hip-hop, jazz, neo-soul, pop, and rock music genres. This original recipe of alternative pop is epitomized in the release of their new single titled Down Down Down To The Wishing Well.

Built upon a crafty musical landscape, Down Down Down To The Wishing Well is an unforgettable track that will have listeners on the rewind key of soulful melody for quite some time. The song has a very nostalgic feel. Leafy Satori Risk’s passion for music can easily be seen from the extinct of care taken in the track’s production. Down Down Down To The Wishing Well opens with an insatiable groove of bass and jazz guitar. Vocalist Iris Karina provides a very memorable performance in song. Her raspy voice is full of enchantment and somewhat reminiscent of the song quality often associated with 60’s-pop and folk-rock music. As the track proceeds forward, we find ourselves being seduced by the song’s cinematic rhythms and virtual lounge aesthetics.

Down Down Down To The Wishing Well carries the poetically expressed theme of love’s importance on an individual and communal level. Karl Lohninger has put together an inspiring landscape of instrumentation to facilitate this theme and its figurative lyricism. Accordion player Dan Kumazawa adds to the flavor of the song of which the concluding notes are to his credit. Down Down Down To The Wishing Well has an equally avant-garde music video that is caped in a rotoscoping effect.

Leafy Satori Risk has a consistent creative vibe that can be seen in their previous releases like the sultry Cherry Blossom Trees and the inventive Everybody Dreams of Flowers. In many cases, we find that the group produces its own music videos that are often filmed in different countries. Down Down Down To The Wishing Well represents the latest installment in the legacy of one of the most prolific bands in the post-modern era. http://www.leafysatoririsk.com/

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