The outfit known as Spiritual Machinery emerges upon the musical scene once again with an electrifying EP titled Condemnation. This 3-song project features two versions of the Depeche Mode’s famous single of the same title, along with a beautiful and stirring composition named Legacy.

Condemnation by Spiritual Machinery is an intensely soulful offering that features exceptional harmonies and vocalizations. The instrumentation is equally rich and carries an eclectic earthy rhythm. Spiritual Machinery fortifies the EP with a “Liquid Air Mix” of Condemnation that imbues a deeper focus on harmonic chorale and vocalization, which is all strengthened by a handsome merge of electronica and some eastern apparatus moving throughout the track’s scheme, along with sparse percussive sounds.

Spiritual Machinery concludes their new EP with a very progressive tune called Legacy. The track possesses a funky vibe and is somewhat reminiscent of the musical craftsmanship often explored by the late Prince. Legacy’s exotic nature and crisp piano measures that embellish its flare of originality turn out to be a beautiful way to end this memorable gem. Condemnation by Spiritual Machinery is set for release on April 24th, 2020. Readers can catch the latest updates for the group by visiting their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Spotify.

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