The multi-talented artist and Renaissance musician Optivion has blessed the world with a new album entitled Translator Signal. Currently based out of Japan, Optivion’s creative expression not limited to music. He is also a painter, photographer, and writer. Oprivion’s gifts of expression in other facets and aspects of life give his music a much deeper visual structure and continuity.

As Optivion’s newest release, Translator Signal is a healthy offering consisting of fifteen tracks. This transcendent masterpiece of avant-garde vibrations is an intense journey down the rabbit hole of alternative and electronic music. Translator Signal is an album of artistic depth. Optivion’s production is very unique and displays his passion for the sonic craft.

Translator Signal opens with the vibrant sounds of Optimistic Maneuvers, which turns out to be a tasteful dose of sunny electronica that is a fitting way to get this journey started. Delightfully, we find Optivion’s approach to electronic music is similar to a conductor of an orchestra. Mermaid Satellite and Cyberpunk Flower demonstrate this point well. However, we find that every track on Translator Signal has some break or transition that smoothly builds upon its prior layer. This is an album that you play throughout its entirety and Optivion makes this pleasurable ride something to embellish.

Optivion conclude this creative adventure with the heavily Japanese-influenced Space Kuma Chan and Bento Robot. This is a great track with a witty title. If you are familiar with Japanese culture and the language, this is a track that will put a smile on your face. Translator Signal by Optivion is an album that will pull you out of your seat and into the company of other worlds.


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