Amanda Named Sound

Based out of London, electronic composer and producer Spiros Maus has a unique reputation for creating music of a genre-less quality under the name Armada Named Sound. In continuation of this rich legacy, Armada Named Sound’s newest offering titled Social Media Sadness is a masterful EP that reveals the depth of the electronic genius so eloquently fashioned by his maestro.

Composed of four dynamic tracks, Social Media Sadness turns out to be a remarkable work from start to finish. The EP opens with an electro-pop track titled Love Me, Hold Me, Dance With Me, which features guest vocals by Yeva. All of the tracks are blessed with the expertise of a guest vocalist. After a vibrant opening, we are led further into the cyber landscape that Social Media Sadness is built upon as we embrace the EP’s title track and its hazy overtones. Social Media Sadness is brilliantly produced and possesses a charm of electronica that is nostalgic and heartwarming. TLDR and Too Many Words, the EP’s concluding tracks, bear witness to the overall continuity of the project and the warmth of its rhythms and instrumentation. Social Media Sadness by Armada Named Sound is a spectacular work that can be enjoyed by devotees from all musical genres. For more info, please visit:


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