Currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee, beautiful singer and songwriter Priscilla The Outlaw has an undying charm for country music. The gifted songstress’ lifelong love affair with the genre has produced an impressive catalog of recordings. Priscilla The Outlaw’s passion and creative talents come to the foreground in her upcoming single titled Go My Own Way.

Go My Own Way is an alluring track that describes a wish for true romance. The song has an intriguing groove that comes to life by the struck chords from an echoing electric guitar and hearty bassline. Other instrumentation, along with some fabulous drumming, serves to create a delightful melody that works as both a brilliant soundscape and podium for Priscilla The Outlaw’s treasured voice.

Priscilla The Outlaw is blessed with a golden talent for chorale. Every time Priscilla The Outlaw sings, it’s as if she is in direct communication with our souls. Go My Own Way is no different. Priscilla The Outlaw speaks open-hearted and honestly about her quest for finding the ‘lover’s dream’. Her vocal performance is poised and cloaked in robes of true sincerity. Go My Own Way by Priscilla The Outlaw is a path of first listen, repeat, and then follow. Surely, this is how we fall in love with music. For more information about Priscilla The Outlaw, please visit her Facebook Page.

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