Pacifico by Brice Sedgwick

Based out of Los Angeles, the multi-talented singer and songwriter Brice Sedgwick has produced a masterpiece in his debut offering, entitled, Pacifico. Recorded in three different cities, Pacifico ingeniously draws its foundation from various genres of music while sailing under the banner of alternative pop.

Sedgwick’s brilliance shines throughout Pacifico’s continuity, beginning with the opening track, Tortoiseshell Sky. This is a beautiful song that questions our approach to the hypocrisies of life. Although the album is praised for its musical ingenuity, Sedgwick’s lyrics prove to be deep, compelling, and a poetic glimpse of our current times in life. Songs like Midnight in Echo clearly reveal the depth of Sedgwick’s talent as a singer and vocalist. Another album sparkler that listeners will enjoy is Next Round of Rum. This tune epitomizes the meaning of cutting-edge in a very melodic way.

Pacifico is not only a great debut by Brice Sedgwick but sets a precedent in the study of musical innovation. It’s refreshing to hear the beauty of hard work, imagination, and sincere talent that Pacifico offers.


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