All Dawgs Go To Heaven (song)

All Dawgs Go To Heaven by Fingertrick

Based out of Memphis, Tennessee, the rock trio Fingertrick prides itself in being one of the tightest bands of the genre that you’ll ever hear. Of course, after listening to their music I would have to agree. Comprised of members Christopher Pietrangelo (guitar, lead vocals), Patrick Pietrangelo (bass guitar, vocals), and Alessio Mauro (drums), Fingertrick’s awesome sense of guitar-laden melody shines abundantly in their single titled All Dawgs Go To Heaven.

All Dawgs Go To Heaven is a song off of Fingertrick’s sensational LP If Requiems Were Record Deals. The track begins with a hardcore guitar riff that intricately tapers off into a fierce melody where every member of Fingertrick measures up in playing their part in keeping the song’s intensity at its maximum level. All Dawgs Go To Heaven carries the theme and personal perspective of the violence in society with its real-to-life lyricism. Chris gives us his all in an enthralling vocal performance. The track has a terrific guitar break that will surely keep you at the edge of your seats. All Dawgs Go To Heaven is an intense offering from Fingertrick that clearly shows that their creative edge is truly the band’s calling.

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