Based out of Pasadena, Texas, Christian-metal rock band Shining Force have a sound true to the genre and a message in the music that works in sync with their rock melodies. The band began in 1995 through a vision received by Billy Vaughn, who would later connect with Randy Dickey, a man inspired by similar aspirations. Since this time, Shining Force has built a handsome following through a circuit of live performances and music. The group has been covered by many media outlets. Today, I will be reviewing a few songs from their upcoming full-length album.

By The Blood – Shining Force lays down some fabulous guitar play in this gritty undertaking that also unveils some excellent drumming on behalf of the band. Shining Force is able to take us on a journey that describes the atonement made by Christ’s shed blood. This handsome offering contains the energy of taking that relentless drive on an open highway, very impressive.

Demon Fighter – This is a crafty tune that plays like a rock orchestra and demonstrates Shining Force’s ability to give their audience a little extra with a riveting performance. The track has a lot of free space, so the listeners really get to hear the tightness of the band and its instrumentation. Demon Fighter has a brilliant break where the guitar lead comes to the fore for an exhilarating ride.

Rapture – Shining Force breaks out with an awesome intro on Rapture. The song’s display of low-pitch guitar riffs and thumping basslines creates a transcendental effect especially suited for the apocalyptic-themed tune. Shining Force’s theatrical musings is enough to put the listener at the scene of the Most Hight’s work.

Resist The Devil – This track opens up with a tantalizing and exotic keyboard riff that provides a metallic dose of inspiration and shield of resistance against the forces of evil. Resist The Devil is a testimony of Shining Force’s unbridled inventiveness and ability to develop each tune for its own quality. Exceptionally, tracks like Resist The Devil exceed the boundary of genre.

Resurrected – Shining Force’s melodic light certainly pierces through the darkness with this rock hummer. Resurrected also stands out as one of the Shining Force’s best vocal performances. The call and response verbal singing is a great way to ride upon the waters of truth.

Shining Force has put together a sonic path of righteousness that is sharply inventive and entertaining. One thing that makes this outfit even more attractive is its non-intrusive perspective. Different than other Christian-themed groups Shining Force is not at all preachy, but doing what they do best and if you find their words enlightening, then all the better. Salute!

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