Shadowfields is a five-piece band centered around the singer-songwriter partnership of New York native Heather Humphrey and Chicago-based Tom McKeown. The group incorporates elements of folk, pop, and rock music into their symphonious schematic for a truly organic sound. Shadowfields’ new single Never Again perfectly unveils the band’s intelligible creative guise.

Never Again is a catchy tune that is off of Shadowfields’ upcoming album Festival For One. The track begins with the delightful sounds of piano and a nice ukulele strum. The music builds up to a steady groove that proves to be an excellent podium for Heather and Tom to express their vocal expertise. Never Again has strong commercial appeal due to its enchanting hook and lyrics. The song revolves around the theme of experiencing good and bad times in life and how we handle such things. Perhaps, we may have said “never again” to ourselves after finding a sense of resolve. Never Again’s enthralling melody and crisp instrumentation make this treasured gem from Shadowfields an experience to remember. For more information, please visit their website at

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