Steven J. Push just became the musician of an era with his new song The Road. Originally from Denver, Colorado and presently based out of Nashville, Tennessee, singer and songwriter Steven J. Push possesses a cultured Americana sound that stands in the court of flirtation with blues, country rock, and pop music genres. Push’s latest single off the album with the same title, The Road is filled with all the ingredients that exemplify his musical expertise.

The Road is a dynamic tune that will grab you by the ears. The track has a wide and deep sense of atmosphere that I find impressive. Push’s vocal performance is equally gratifying. Push blesses us with an aroma of song that speaks to the listener’s soul. The beautiful thing about The Road is its message of hope and inspiration. As long as “the prize” of life is in front of us, we can turn dark times into bright dreams. The Road by Steven J. Push is worth the ride!

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