Based out of Las Vegas, the multi-talented songstress Rockie Brown has an attractively intense sound that draws upon elements of progressive rock, rap, and an elegant touch of soul. As the heartbreaker tomboy and leading Renaissance woman of the post-modern era, Rockie Brown packs every song with her distinctive energy and charm. Her new single Get Gone is a far cry from the mundane, which makes it all the more beautiful.

Get Gone is a song from Rockie Brown’s upcoming EP titled Mad World. The track begins with an ear-jerking fusion of industrial electronica and hip-hop music. Rockie Brown’s rap-sung cadence raises the vibe of Get Gone to a colorful and endearing work of art. Her braggadocios lyricism and fierce gunpoint metaphors are sure to raise eyebrows of intrigue and standing ovations of those wishing that they could be that original. Get Gone by Rockie Brown opens a door full of answers to questions about the music industry’s next phase. Bravo!


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